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Au Soleil

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By Fanette Mellier

Dizygotic twin of the book Dans la luneAu soleil transcribes a daily solar cycle in 6 colors. Fanette Mellier proposes to assess the radiation of light as color expansion: from morning blue to sunset purple, sun halos permeate the atmosphere with incandescent colors.

Beautifully printed with 6-color Pantone printing by Éditions du livre, this book is difficult to find in the US but we are happy to have tracked it down for you. With a metallic gold foil imprint on the cover.

Éditions du livre is a French independent publishing house that creates artist books for children. The poetics inherent to the manipulation of the book as an object resonates with its content. The shape of the book is its substance.

Éditions du livre, 2020, metallic gold foil softcover, 8.3 x 7.9 inches, 26 pages.