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Beauty in Boro

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Beauty in BORO: Kosaku Nukata Collection

In times when cloth was much more precious, people in rural Japan thriftily stitched together scraps of fabric to make everything from garments to bedding. Many of these older articles have come to be celebrated as works of art and of textile—so much so, in fact, that today they are known around the world simply by their Japanese name, boro.

This book selects 500-plus stunning examples of boro out of the more than 1,000 that the author has collected over thirty-five years. Wrap yourself in a compelling world of beauty shaped unconsciously by scores of unknown hands.

Kosaku Nukata, born in 1935 in the city of Higashi-Osaka in Osaka Prefecture, is an artist, member of the Dokuritsu Fine Arts Society, ceramist, and dentist. He began collecting boro in the 1980s and now counts more than 1,000 items in his possession. In 2000 he exhibited his collection in Osaka to wide acclaim in Japan and around the world.

Seigensha Art Publishing, 2022, softcover, 8.35 x 11.69 inches, 272 pages.