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Catnip Magazine

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Meet Catnip, a magazine for a unique breed of cat people. This collectible publication from the makers of Broccoli paws at the paradoxes of a creature that embodies playfulness and repose, wildness and domesticity, the every day and the absurd. With catlike curiosity and feline flair, we go to the kittiest corners of the world to scratch the surface of cat culture and uncover the many reasons why cats enchant us.

Some highlights include:

  • cat behaviorist Kristiina Wilson on ‘cattitude’ adjustments
  • ‘Catluminati’ on the art of the catwalk
  • photographer Masayuki Oki’s feral cats of Japan
  • Claire L. Evans on pre-meme internet cats 
  • Jami Nakamura Lin on the year her daughter became a cat
  • Lauren Oster on whether robot cats dream of wireless mice 
  • Plus: the subversive art of catnaps, a hair-raising history of hairballs, ASMeowR, cat ladies of all stripes, a pull-out mewsletter by cats and for cats, and much more.

Broccoli, 2023, softcover, 8.25 x 11.25 inches, 216 pages.