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Crazy Crayons - Dinosaurs

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Crayons are a petroleum product and take many years to biodegrade; 60 tons of crayons are manufactured every day, and many of those end up in landfills. The crayons that arrive at the Crazy Crayon workshop (part of the National Crayon Recycle Program) are melted down, strained, sterilized, and hand poured into beautiful functional shapes giving the wax a second life. All of their crayons are non-toxic and go through an extensive sorting process to use only crayons certified with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. These Crazy Crayons are sure to send your little one's imaginations soaring!

Set of 4 multi-color crayons, packaged in a plastic-free box, 4.25 x 3.625-inches. We offer a number of different styles to choose from.