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Cut and Make Paper Puppet - Barbara Hepworth

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Make a puppet of the English sculptor Barbara Hepworth!

Barbara is dressed for work in dungarees, a patterned smock with red pockets, bright green socks and blue shoes. Her hair is pulled back with a blue scarf and she's holding a chisel and hammer, ready to work on one of her stone sculptures. 

You get small brass brads for assemblage and articulation of all these parts that make up a beautiful Barbara Hepworth!

Printed on sturdy cardstock. When assembled the puppet will measure approximately 12.5" tall and 8" wide.  You'll need a pair of scissors for doing the paper cutting.

Suitable for ages 8 and up. 

A fun project to make with friends and family, or give as a gift, looks great in a frame! 

Made in United Kingdom.