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DIY Shrink Plastic Pin Kit

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Remember Shrinky Dinks - the bakeable plastic sheets that you can draw on and then heat to shrink them down into perfectly scaled miniature versions of your art? This kit takes the same concept to the next level by providing the materials to make your own "shrink art" and then transform them into one-of-a-kind pins. Just like "magic"!

The kit includes:
- 5 sheets of shrinkable acetate, 10×15cm
- POSCA acrylic marker (color varies)
- Fine tip permanent marker
- 5 bases to make pins
- Sandpaper
- 8 risographed postcards with models to trace
- Illustrated step-by-step instructions in English
- Link to video tutorial
- Comes packaged in a silk-screened cardboard box from the Fábrica de Texturas workshop

Part of our collection of sophisticated and beautifully packaged Maker Kits from Fábrica de Texturas (Textures Factory), a 100% “Do It Yourself” project based in Madrid, Spain.