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Dots and Lines Flipboku Flipbook Set

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Dots & Lines is a set of two interactive flipbooks based on the classic puzzle game ‘Connect the Dots’. It’s not only highly addictive but also tremendously satisfying for both adults and kids. To find out what is hidden behind the individual sequences, you must first connect all the dots or lines page by page and then flip it!

Each side of each of two flipbooks contain 3 different sequences – for a total of 12 sequences – enough to keep you entertained for hours! Thanks to Flipboku’s exclusive paper-cutting technique, you can switch between the sequences by placing your thumb at the upper, middle, or lower edge on both sides of the flipbook.

The first volume, Dots, contains 6 different dot-to-dot stories created by renowned international animators, while the second volume, Lines, features 6 puzzle sequences based on mind-boggling optical illusions.

Once you have connected all the dots in one sequence, all you have to do is flip it to discover what was hidden behind the puzzles. After that, you can grab your favorite coloring pens and color the animations, so in fact, you have a dot-to-dot flipbook and a coloring flipbook, all in one!

The second volume, Lines, has puzzling optical illusions which have been turned into animations. They work in a similar way to the ones featured in Dots, but in addition, once all the lines are connected and the pages are flipped, the animations produce amazing optical illusions! Ranging from astonishing to downright weird, these sequences include impossible figures, geometrical illusions, and visual paradoxes that will play awesome tricks on your eyes and mind!

Every single Dots & Lines is hand-produced, made of high-quality, 100% recycled paper by Fedrigoni, with the highest standards of sustainability, and is suitable for all kinds of pencils and inks.

Animators: John Dillworth, Andy Bailey (aka Andymation), Ben Zurawsky (aka The Flippist), Nacho Rodriguez, Rocío Álvarez, Paulo Mosca, and Jossie Malis

Set of two flipbooks come packaged in a cardboard storage sleeve; each flipbook measures 4.75 x 2 inches.

Flipboku is an independent publishing house based in Mallorca, Spain, specializing in interactive and traditional flipbooks, created by designer, animator, and filmmaker Jossie Malis and film composer Julie Reier.