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El Nido Screenprint by LaPiztola - Limited Edition

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Based on their mural for the Craft Contemporary exhibition, 3B Collective: Highway Hypnosis, on view until September 8, 2024, this screenprint by the Oaxaca-based LaPiztola collective depicts "El Nido" - The Nest - of Los Angeles, a place where many Oaxacans and other members of the Latinx community have established roots. While the map depicts the gridlined blocks of L.A., the geographic coordinates printed below are Oaxaca's, suggesting the deep linkages between the two cities.

Paths and paths: this is how a bird looks for where to make its nest, in a resilient way. Like the birds, people look for new opportunities as they move from place to place. Many come to build their nests within the multicultural city of Los Angeles, CA (aka Oaxacalifornia) - a place where people of different descents continue to preserve the history of their roots, making residence in the North but with the coordinates of the South.

LaPiztola is a collective consisting of the designers Roberto Vega and Rosario Mtz. Taking its name from the Spanish words lápiz (pencil) and pistola (pistol), the collective was founded in 2006 in response to a violent crackdown to a teachers' strike by the Oaxacan government. Mostly working with stencil and serigraphy, they create work that denounces injustices as an act of protest and also celebrates the Oaxacan people and culture.

This limited edition of 100 prints is signed and numbered by LaPiztola and stamped with their embossed logo. Print will ship rolled and in a plastic sleeve.