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Folk Art Animals Decoration Kit

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This flat pack, DIY Folk Art Animal Kit is made of plywood and comes unpainted. Enjoy it unpainted as-is or paint your own version as a solo or group activity!

Inspiration for the imaginative and charming folk art animals comes from embroideries made by the Otomí women of San Pablito, Mexico. Most Otomí women still wear their traditional clothing which ensures that important weaving and embroidery techniques are passed down through the generations. These same skills are used to create embroideries which are in turn sold to generate income for their community. Using cotton fabric ranging in size from napkins to large tablecloths, the women of San Pablito embroider scenes of everyday life. The scenes are outlined on cloth and using brightly colored cotton thread, the images are filled in with long satin stitches. Although the finished cloth designs may appear simple, there is enormous skill involved in positioning the random figures in space and creating an overall sense of balance and harmony.

Instructions for this easily-assembled kit are included, but for best results, we recommend you remove and paint the cut outs before assembling them. Please note, paint is not included.

9 animals included: Deer, Lion, Ox, Rabbit, Duck, Pig, Armadillo, Bird, Butterfly. Each animal has a small hole at the top should you wish to hang them as ornaments.

Approximate dimensions of largest animal: 4 3/4 " tall.

Pictured here is one of the Otomí embroidered cloths that provided inspiration for this kit.

Cotton. 1960s. Otomí people, San Pablito, Puebla or Tenango de Doria, Hidalgo, Mexico. Gift of International Folk Art Foundation collection. Museum of International Folk Art, Santa Fe. Photo by Blair Clark.