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From Thread to Needle - Contemporary Embroidery Art

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By Charlotte Vannier

Showcasing over 80 international artists who incorporate embroidery into their practice, this book provides a survey of embroidery in contemporary art, illustrating the huge range of ways in which the craft has been embraced as a form of creative expression.

Some artists evoke a kind of nostalgia, rediscovering skills that have fallen from fashion or promoting the value of ancient handicrafts in an industrialized world of mass production. Others push boundaries by using embroidery on photographs, poetic installations, embroidered reproductions of everyday objects, or by using it to tackle political, personal, or transgressive themes.

From Thread to Needle is a captivating exploration of their creative journeys, their influences, the technical challenges they face, and the message they wish to convey.

Charlotte Vannier is a designer, copywriter, and stylist. She is the author of several books on art and crafts for adults and children, including Unravelled: Contemporary Knit Art, Contemporary Ceramic Art, and Ceramics: 90 Contemporary Artists.

Gingko Press, 2019, softcover, 8.75 x 11", 368 pages.