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Masa: Techniques, Recipes, and Reflections on a Timeless Staple

by Jorge Gaviria

Masa is your guide to making authentic, high-quality masa from scratch and cooking with it in your home kitchen. Brimming with history, replicable techniques, and reflections from masa authorities, including third-generation tortillerxs and acclaimed chefs, Masa reveals the beauty and longstanding traditions behind this elemental staple.

In addition to teaching how to make masa from dried corn kernel to fully realized dish, this book also shows cooks how to use masa in 50 base recipes for tortillas, pozole, tamales, and more, empowering chefs of any level to think creatively and adapt recipes confidently for their own use. In addition, ten well-known chefs offer inventive recipes-such as tamal gnocchi, masa waffles, and shrimp and masa grits-to inspire new ways of relating to this timeless, dynamic food.

Jorge Gaviria is the founder of Masienda, a resource and supplier of high-quality masa and masa products. Jorge Gaviria wrote Masa after successfully working through tens of thousands of inquiries from home cooks on everything from the best equipment to ideal cooking temperatures to how to prevent a tortilla from falling apart during reheating.

Chronicle Books, 2022, hardcover, 7.25 x 10 inches, 272 pages.