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Molecularis Flipboku Flipbook

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You’ve never seen a flipbook (or a coloring book!) like this. Each flipbook contains six different animations, viewable by flipping the book from different positions (three from the front, three from the back). It’s a magical optical illusion that never fails to impress.

Molecularis is a unique coloring flipbook with six different sequences featuring fully animated creatures and shapes. Are you into coloring but don't want to use the usual flat paper? Well then, you'll love Molecularis! First, color each page of the flip book with your favorite coloring technique (pencils, markers, watercolors, graphite, brushes, technical pens), then flip the pages and watch the animations come to life.

Every single Molecularis flipbook is hand-produced, printed on high-quality eco-friendly recycled paper by Fedrigoni, and thick enough to prevent any type of ink or watercolor from transferring onto the following pages. The Molecularis flipbook is a great challenge for all ages!

Flipbook comes in a cardboard storage sleeve and measures 4.75 x 2 inches.

Flipboku is an independent publishing house based in Mallorca, Spain, specializing in interactive and traditional flipbooks, created by designer, animator, and filmmaker Jossie Malis and film composer Julie Reier.