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Rice Wax Meditation Candles (40 Minutes)

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These small candles are made of natural rice bran wax. Each one burns for 40 minutes and can be used for daily meditation, as a timer for taking short breaks or simply enjoyed as a transient experience.

Rice bran wax is an environmentally sustainable 100% natural plant wax that burns without smoke or excess dripping wax and with minimal odor.

Each candle measures approx. 3/8" diameter by 2 5/8" high, 3" including wick. Comes with 20 candles packaged in a beautiful kraft gift tube measuring approx. 3.5" high x 2 1/8” diameter.

DAIYO is a traditional candle-making company founded in Japan in 1914, where artisans meticulously craft candles by hand using methods passed down across four generations.

Sold separately: ceramic and iron stands measure 1 ¼” square and ¾” high and have a small needle in the middle that matches the hole in the bottom of each candle to ensure they stand upright. Available in black and beige.