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Segundo de Chomon Flipboku Flipbook

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You’ve never seen a flipbook like this! Each flipbook contains six different animations, viewable by flipping the book from different positions (three from the front, three from the back). It’s a magical optical illusion that never fails to impress.

Segundo de Chomón (1871 – 1929) was a pioneering Spanish silent film director, cinematographer, screenwriter and lighting and photography technician, celebrated for his astounding special effects.

He was an early innovator of fantasy and animated films, and one of the most influential and fascinating personalities of the first thirty years of the history of the cinema, working alongside some of the major European directors and production companies of the period.

The Segundo de Chomón flipbook contains 6 vibrant excerpts of his work and also features augmented reality. Download the Artivive app and enjoy a 3 minute mini-documentary about Chomón's life, his background, and his most outstanding work.

Flipbook comes in a cardboard storage sleeve and measures 4.75 x 2 inches.

Flipboku is an independent publishing house based in Mallorca, Spain, specializing in interactive and traditional flipbooks, created by designer, animator, and filmmaker Jossie Malis and film composer Julie Reier.