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Super Stars

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Create a galaxy of amazing 3D stars and other geometric shapes! Enjoy hours of constructing fun with these pre-cut and scored sheets - then redecorate your home with the colorful and impressive finished products.

Superstars are simple and quick to fold; based on geometrical solids, the forms are surprisingly sturdy. You can make large and festive decorations (hello, holidays!) while enjoying the kit as a craft activity in itself – the shapes can be taken apart and the component pieces used again as many times as you like.

Featuring simple instructional videos (links included) instead of complex written instructions, these superstars will absorb both experienced paper folders and enthusiastic amateurs alike.

Superstars comes with an accompanying booklet that contains easy to follow steps, QR codes, illustrations and photos. The booklet explains the structure of 17 superstars, though there are countless others you can design for yourself as you become familiar with the techniques. The series of online videos that accompany the pack show in detail how to fold the units and assemble the finished shapes.