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Wood Sheet Memo Pad

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These unique memo pads are made by shaving individual sheets of wood from a single block of sustanable Japanese Red Pine. No two sheets are the same, so every note, reminder, or drawing becomes a unique memento.

The Kizara Project utilizes excess wood from sustainable, human-grown Japanese red pine. The environmentally-friendly process sources trees that are thinned as part of an ecological movement to promote healthy forestry within Japan. By creating a renewable wood product, Kizara encourages not just the growth of a national industry but also the continued planting and maintenance of those trees, demonstrating how conscious design can have a positive impact on our environment.

Available in three sizes: 3 x 4", 4 x 6", and 5 x 7".

Each pad contains approximately 40 - 50 sheets.

Care: Keep in a cool, dry place. Pages may warp slightly if exposed to humidity.