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Woodless Artist Pencils

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Made without a wood barrel, Karst's Artist Pencils have a full lead body, offering 5 times more usable pigment and material than any standard pencil. With a full range of colors, bring vibrancy and life to your drawings. Pencils are layered with a matte coating to keep your hands clean and are easy to sharpen with a standard pencil sharpener.

These 2B pencils are the ideal hardness for journals and sketchpads, and come in 24 vibrant colors. Each measures approx. 6" long by 1/4" wide.

Did we mention they look great displayed on your desk? The pencils come packaged in a chic black box with a uniquely shaped lid that, when removed, can be fitted into the base, transforming the functional case into a sculptural ornament. Inside, a protective insert holds each pencil upright and organized, standing at the ready for when inspiration strikes.

Karst is an Australian company developing innovative, ethical and sustainable new practices for 21st century papermaking and artist tools.