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Alicia Piller Necklace - B53

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Los Angeles-based artist Alicia Piller works with a wide range of materials – both new and discarded – to construct large-scale works that mimic forms of cellular biology. Her work attempts to reconcile questions about the current state of our times while examining historical traumas, both political and environmental, through the lens of a microscope. Her mixed media practice is as much about materiality as it is about content. Each work becomes a biological unfolding of time, examining the energy around wounds societies have inflicted upon themselves and others.

Piller’s work was the subject of a 2023 solo installation at Craft Contemporary, Alicia Piller: Within. Her wearable art is as detailed and layered as her large-scale sculptures and uses many of the same materials, including recycled vinyl, as well as natural specimens such as pearls, fossils, and crystals, and reclaimed materials such as vintage glass and recycled leather.

Necklace has a 10-11.5" drop; breastplate measures approx. 2" H x 5" W.

Materials: stainless steel, resin, recycled leather & vinyl, quartz, and recycled paper.