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Flukebook Notebook (Small, Assorted)

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Fluke [flOOk] n. (billiards etc) lucky shot made by accident; (coll) unexpected piece of good luck.

The only notebook that is as unique on the outside as whatever you choose to scribble inside, each flukebook is covered with a fusion of eclectic prints and colors, all hand-silkscreened, totally original, and knock-out gorgeous. Every cover is stamped “Edition 1 of 1” and it’s true – you’ll never find one flukebook exactly like another. They’re impossible to reproduce!

These wonderful notebooks come to us from Tara Books, an award-winning, internationally-recognized independent publishing house made up of a collective of writers, designers and book artisans who favor a non-hierarchical mode of functioning, informed by feminism and other movements for social justice.

Founded in 1994 by Gita Wolf and based in Chennai, India, Tara Books runs its own print shop, employing over 25 bookmaking artisans on a fair-trade basis. Known for their handmade books, they use handmade paper and non-toxic inks to create numbered artists’ books, as well as art prints and unique stationery. Their flukebooks are covered with upcycled misprints from the floor of their screen-printing workshop.

Available with blank and lined pages in two sizes. Images shown here are for reference only; the notebook you receive will have a completely different, completely wonderful cover. Each one is better than the next! If you prefer to be selective, please contact us and we can help choose the perfect flukebook cover for your needs.

5.5 x 3.5-inches, Hardbound with an expandable pocket, 192 pages with 16 tear-away pages