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Furoshiki Patchin Bag Handles

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This Furoshiki Patchin is a clever way to turn one of our fun and colorful furoshiki into a stylish handbag, a bag for carrying groceries, or even a lunch bag. The possibilities are endless and entirely up to your imagination!

To create the bag, pass the four ends/corners of the furoshiki through each hole of the handles (two corners per handle) and tie the two ends in a simple square knot. The hidden magnets on the inside of each handle make it easy to open and close the bag.

Fabric lovers and sewists take note: you can use almost any sturdy, square piece of fabric (cut to size) with the patchin handles - allowing you to coordinate your bag with every outfit. Use the handles again and again with new furoshiki or cloth to create stylish combinations!

We offer two sizes of Furoshiki Patchin. Bag handle sizes are listed with a suggested fabric size to create your furoshiki bag.

Light Oak and Dark Walnut handles are natural wood; Black and White are made from sturdy, matte, polypropylene plastic that may show some subtle seam marks from the mold.

  • Small handle measures: 7.3 x 1.8 x 0.3 inches
    • To be used with fabric or furoshiki measuring 18” - 27.5” (45-70cm)
  • Large handle measures: 9.6” x 1.8” x 0.3” inches
    • To be used with fabric or furoshiki measuring 27.5” – 45.25” (70-115cm)