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HA KO Paper Incense - Individual

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An individually packaged HA KO leaf is the perfect introduction to this new form of incense, which was developed over the course of five years by one of Japan’s oldest incense makers. Made from Japanese washi paper and shaped into delicate leaf forms, each leaf can be used as subtle potpourri, giving off fragrance for up to three months, or as incense that burns for approximately seven minutes while cleansing and deodorizing an area.

Place one on a desk, in a car, near an entryway, or anywhere a touch of fragrance is desired. HA KO Paper Incense also makes a unique gift for friends and family; the leaves are easy to slip inside a card, and they make a lovely adornment for a wrapped gift.

Winner of the 2019 Good Design Award.

How to use: After lighting a piece of HA KO Paper Incense, blow out the flame and place the smoldering leaf on a felt burner mat (sold separately), which should itself be on a flat, non-flammable surface. Each leaf will burn for approximately 5 - 7 minutes.

Do not allow to burn unsupervised. Avoid placing in drafty areas or near any flammable materials. Note that direct sunlight can cause discoloration.

Materials: Washi paper, IFRA-compliant synthetic fragrances

Dimensions (packaging): 3.5" L x 3.5" W (Leaf size varies depending on style)

Agarwood - One of the most traditional incense materials, Agarwood eases stress while cleansing your space.

Autumn, Fennel -Traditional fennel melds with and softens the more bracing scent of ginkgo leaves for a balanced aroma reminiscent of autumn grass.

Autumn, Osmanthus - A fragrant maple leaf carries the scent of sweet osmanthus - one akin to newly picked peaches, and an annual sign of the changing seasons in southern Japan.

Black, Focus - Refreshing and invigorating, this scent is designed to improve concentration. Lemongrass stimulates body and mind while cloves enhance feelings. Notes of clove, lemongrass, peppermint, geranium.

Black, Relax -  Reminiscent of a quiet forest grove, this scent is perfect for deep relaxation. Vetiver relieves tension, and cypress calms the mind. Notes of vetiver, cypress, hiba, bergamot.

Black, Sleep - Unwind after a long day and drift into sleep with a blend of fragrances that promote peaceful slumber. Lavender calms the nerves, and cedar brings peace. Notes of lavender, cedarwood, patchouli.

Elegant Citrus - Several varieties of citrus essence combine with traditional Japanese fragrance to uplift your spirit.

Green Grass - This scent is verdant, mossy, and earthy. Burning one is like meditating in a forest temple.

Spring, Daphne - Like a honeyed breeze, Daphne’s fragrance brings contentment and the serenity of the oak that inspired its shape.

Spring, Green Tea - Transport yourself to a tea house in springtime with a gentle aroma that carries notes of cherry blossom.

Spring, Japanese Pepper - The surprising sweetness and scent of flower buds in Japanese pepper call to mind the fresh growth of early April.

Summer, Linden - Light a linden leaf and drift through the branches and among the flowers of this scent’s namesake tree.

Summer, Moss - Clean and bright as a fairy-tale forest, this leaf's vital aroma invokes images of bamboo growing from a carpet of moss.

Winter, Cedar - Send the warmth of fresh-cut cedar through your home with leaves of incense that borrow the shape of the sawtooth oak.

Winter, Fir Tree - Enjoy a new expression of a familiar winter fixture: holly leaves infused with the bracing scent of fir.

Winter, Sweet Ginger - The gentle fragrance of sweet ginger drifts from these camphor leaves, as soothing and relaxing as a hot cup of ginger tea.