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Indigo and Shibori Natural Dye Kit

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This natural indigo dye kit comes from LA-based textile designer and educator Graham Keegan, and is packed with everything you need to create a bundle of permanent, dyed patterns on any plant-based fabric. Designed for the beginner to intermediate dyer, this kit gathers together the finest quality ingredients and supplies needed to get started dyeing.

- Naturally derived indigo pigment
- All necessary activation and setting agents
- Protective gloves
- A blank cotton gauze bandana
- Wood clamps and cotton cord
- Illustrated instructions

- Two five gallon buckets: one for dyeing, one for rinsing
- A long mixing stick
- Hot water

- For best results, dye small pieces of natural fabric or lightweight natural fabrics with open weave structure.
- Dyes up to 5 lbs of fabric or a dozen garments depending on coverage and shade.
- Prep your vat then wait 24 hours for it to mature before dyeing.
- Vat stays viable for weeks, just stir and revisit.

WARNING: This kit contains Indigotin, Calcium Hydroxide, Iron Sulfate and Citric Acid which can be harmful if used improperly! Follow all instructions carefully.
Adult supervision required.
Conforms to ASTM D-4236

Graham Keegan is a textile designer working exclusively with natural dyes. Having learned to dye through study of the historical record and lots of hands-on experience, he now teaches others to dye. Graham advocates for the use of natural color by distributing dye plants, seeds, books and kits. He specializes in print design using traditional block-print and hand cut stencil techniques. His prints are used by boutique designers and international brands for garments, home goods, accessories and wallpapers.