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Shadow Magic - Create 75 Creatures

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Shadow Magic: Create 75 Creatures

By Sophie Collins

This book is a complete guide to the art of shadow puppetry, with detailed instructions on how to create 75 unique creatures using just your hands.

Are you a 
beginner to the world of shadow puppetry, looking for simple creatures to create? Or are you looking to become a pro at shadow art and up your game to create more complex shadow puppets with friends and family? If so then this is the book for you!

Shadow Magic contains 75 shadow animals to learn, ranging from simple one hand creations such as a swallow or a duck, to challenging two-hand shadows which allow you to create anything from a coyote to a rhinoceros.

Puppets to learn include:

  • Easy puppets like Goose, Snake, and Greyhound, 
  • Two hand creations including Rabbit, Bear, and Pig, 
  • Complex characters such as Sea Anemone, Jaguar, Tiger, or Mouse

There are also simple exercises for the hands and fingers to help you prepare to make the more advanced creatures, and advice on how the different shadow animals could be used to create your own shadow theatre to entertain your friends and family. 

Wether you are looking for 
fun family activities to fill the holiday period, or a creative alternative to hours of screen-based entertainment, get this stylish and easy-to-follow guide and become a master shadow puppeteer today!

Sophie Collins is a writer, editor and pet lover. She is the author of the popular dog behavior books Why Does my Dog Do That? and Games & Tricks to Teach Your Dog.

Ivy Press; reprint edition 2021, hardcover,  5.7 x 6.75 in, 176 pages.