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Shitty Craft Club

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Shitty Craft Club: A Club for Gluing Beads to Trash, Talking about Our Feelings and Making Silly Things

By Sam Reece and Lizzie Darden

Welcome to the Shitty Craft Club!

Did you know that you are a glorious and incredible artist? Wait, really? Well, you are. Shitty Craft Club gives you permission to have fun and be as weird, wild, and wonderful as you want to be. It's about trying your best, not perfection.

Inspired by comedian Sam Reece's TikTok sensation, it's all about embracing creativity, chaos, and finding your inner calm. This club encourages you to have fun, be unique, and not worry about being perfect. 

Sam Reece, the club's founder, leads you through numerous projects with step-by-step instructions and relatable stories. Combining millennial/Gen Z humor, Amy Sedaris's crafting style, and Lisa Frank vibes, Reece shows there are no limits to crafting. From making pom-poms to sculpting rhinestone shrimp, every little creative endeavor counts in this club, making life a bit more enjoyable.

Sam Reece is a Los Angeles–based comedy writer and actor with a very serious crafting hobby. Reece has been writing and performing in NYC since 2011 and has written for Comedy Central, MTV, Buzzfeed, NBC, and Refinery29. Shitty Craft Club began in 2019 when Reece gathered a few comedian friends, rented out a community space, and hired a photographer to capture the crafts. In 2020, when in-person events were not possible due to the impact of COVID-19, Reece joined TikTok and began creating humorous craft videos. Less than one year later, Reece and Shitty Craft Club had established a large, growing platform on TikTok and Instagram. 

Lizzie Darden is a creative director, photographer, and stylist.

Chronicle Books, 2023, hardcover, 7.5 x 9”, 144 pages.