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Sola Cube - Japanese Walnut

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Inspired by the beauty and mystery of nature, Sola Cubes preserve plant specimens in crystal clear acrylic - ready to display as part of your own personal cabinet of curiosities.

The insides of the hard Japanese walnut are a favorite of squirrels and mice, who carry the nuts away to their dens and store them for food. Most of the nuts are eaten, but those that are forgotten germinate in the spring.

Sola cubes can be appreciated individually or in groups, and look especially nice when arranged together in collections. They are exquisite object d'art for your desk, study, or living space and will renew your sense of wonder with each examination. An elegant display stand is available separately if desired.

Each 1.6 x 1.6-inch Sola Cube is carefully hand crafted from polyester resin and real botanical specimens, making each one unique. During the production process, fine air bubbles or powder-like material may occur inside the cube, however, this is not considered a defect.

To clean, wipe with a soft cloth and avoid chemical cleaners which may cause fine cracks. Avoid storing in direct sunlight or extreme humidity. Note that the resin may yellow with time.

Made in Kyoto, Japan by Usagi no Nedoko Inc.