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Splendor of the Dragon - Costumes of the Ryukyu Kingdom

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by Gloria Gonick

Modern-day Okinawa was once the ancient kingdom of Ryukyu, a center of economic and cultural exchange with China, Korea, Japan, and other Southeast Asian countries, which developed a culture that was unique and different from that of mainland Japan. This is especially true for Okinawan dyeing and weaving--the best known example of which is bingata cloth, which is characterized by brilliant colors and a variety of patterns that preserve the vestiges of a glorious royal culture. Okinawans also perfected weaving techniques especially for banana (basho) and other bast fibers. The exquisite kimonos presented here are examples of the finest Okinawan weaving and dyeing; this book will be of great interest to anyone interested in textiles and to those with an interest in Asian cultures.

Craft & Folk Art Museum, 1995, softcover, 8 x 9.5 inches, 48 pages.