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The Book of Pockets

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The Book of Pockets: A Practical Guide for Fashion Designers

By Adriana Gorea, Katya Roelse, and Martha L. Hall

Whether fashionable or functional, pockets are an important design detail that can enhance the aesthetic of your sewn garments and improve the wearer's experience. Whether it's for fashion design, construction, patternmaking, or costume design, if you're looking to get the full picture on patch pockets, better command of the cargo, or more know-how on welts, this is your go-to resource.

The Book of Pockets includes:

  • inspirational imagery, overlaid with flat patterns or zoom-ins of the pocket detail
  • comprehensive information on all things 'pocket', beginning with their long history and going all the way from workwear to activewear and couture
  • practical advice through interviews with fashion designers, curators, and technology developers, a Pocket Flat Sketch Library appendix for quick reference, and
  • step-by-step construction tutorials, illustrated with flats throughout, showing you how to create nested pockets with gussets, invisible zipper patch pockets, cascading pockets, and more.

For those who love the advantage of having pockets in their garments, The Book of Pockets is the ultimate guide to help you successfully incorporate them into your designs.


Bloomsbury Visual Arts, 2019, softcover, 7.96 x 9.1 inches, 208 pages.