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Tin Ornament - Hand with Heart

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Give your heart away with this tin milagro, handmade in Mexico. Measures approx. 4 x 3.5 inches.

Milagros (‘miracles’ in Spanish) are found in many areas of Latin America and southern Europe and are used to petition saints for help or protection. Milagros are often pinned to wooden figures of saints in churches to remind the saint of the person’s prayers or to thank the saint for prayers that have been answered. In churches, one may glimpse wooden statues of the saints, the Virgin Mary, or Christ adorned with tiny arms, legs, animals, praying figures, hearts, and other "prayers." Horse or sheep figures are left to ask for help in healing sick animals or for ensuring fertility. Students leave tiny "books" as a request for "academic" divine intervention. Hearts are often left to thank the saint for answering the prayers of the lovelorn. Each milagro is specially made for a unique purpose so the variety is enormous.