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Women's Work - From Feminine Arts to Feminist Art

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From feminine arts to feminist art

By Ferren Gipson

This powerful and insightful work offers a bold celebration of the innovative, brilliant artists reclaiming the idea of ‘women’s work’.
In the history of western art, decorative and applied arts – including textiles and ceramics – have been separated from the ‘high arts’ of painting and sculpture and deemed to be more suitable for women. Artists began to reclaim and redefine these materials and methods, energizing them with expressions of identity and imagination. 

Women’s Work tells the story of this radical change, highlighting some of the modern and contemporary artists who dared to defy this hierarchy and who, through, experimentation and invention, transformed their medium.

The work of these women has helped underscore the ongoing value of these art forms within the history of art, championing ‘women’s work’ as powerful mediums worthy of celebration.

With biographical entries on each artist featured, as well as beautiful images of their artworksWomen's Work raises up the work of these visionary and groundbreaking artists, telling their stories and examining their artistic legacies.

Ferren Gipson is a British-American art historian, writer, and textile artist based in London, UK. She is an advocate for art education, and her research areas include modern Chinese art history as well as topics exploring the crossover between pop culture and art. Her work can be found across mediums, including books ('The Ultimate Art Museum' and 'Women’s Work'), articles, interviews, and 68 episodes of the popular visual arts podcast 'Art Matters.'

Frances Lincoln, 2022, hardcover,  7.75 x 9.75 in, 224 pages.