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Yosegi Puzzle Box

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Elaborate wooden puzzle boxes have been made in the Hakone region of Japan by specialized artisans for over 150 years. Expertly joined panels with near-invisible seams must be shifted in a particular order before sliding open the box lid to reveal a secret compartment!

The parquet exteriors are made by joining different colors of wood together into geometric designs, then shaving off very thin sheets with a special plane. These sheets are then applied as decorative veneers. This type of parquet work (known as yosegi) was designated as one of Japan’s National Traditional Handicrafts in 1984.

Boxes come in varying sizes and levels of difficulty (indicated by the number of steps - "ways" - it takes to open). Please note, the precise placement and orientation of the yosegi patterns on the surface are unique to each piece; the one you receive will differ slightly from the photos.

Box measurements (approx. L x W x H):

Small - 2.375 x 1.875 x 1.5 in

Medium - 4.625 x 3.25 x 2.125 in

Large - 5.875 x 3.875 x 2.5 in